3 Best Muskie Photos

After working on a new website showing the great stuff you can do in Buckhannon, we realized we didn’t have photos of people fishing. We had photos of fish, of the river, of really cool kayaks in the water, but no people.

But ‘people’ is what we’re all about… We want people to enjoy Buckhannon, and we want to share their experiences with other people. So we set out on Facebook to ask for some killer muskie fishing photos (with people), and the result was amazing!

Within a day, we saw that muskie fishing on the Buckhannon River really is for everyone – kids, women & men. Everyone had a smile on their face, a big muskie on the line, and was happy to share their story.

The Buckhannon River has a 6-mile stretch of world-class muskie fishing. People travel from all over the country to fish for our muskie. Thanks to everyone who takes advantage of the Buckhannon River and all it has to offer! 

Bryce Elmer
Shawn Young
Jennifer Lafferre