Winter in Buckhannon
With the holidays behind us, we can all take a collective sigh. Start 2022 off with some of these great hot-spots in Buckhannon!






Wild Vinyasa Yoga Studio
Peaceful, mindful and invigorating, Buckhannon’s yoga studio is a great way to connect with yourself and stay active even during the Winter.

Lascaux Micro Theater
Yep… in downtown Buckhannon you’ll find an intimate, underground venue for international and independent cinema. Catch a show on the weekends!

Woody’s Bowling Center
Bowling is a classic, fun experience – from cosmic bowling, bowling leagues, or general open play. Plan to grab a bite to eat here, too!

Trivia Nights
Catch a night of Trivia each Wednesday night at the Opera House. Groups of friends compete for the title of person with the most random knowledge!

Infamous Art Collective
Dive into a a group of artists for artists, contemplating and visually interpreting the elements of life. Open mic nights and monthly shows are happening with this group in Buckhannon!

The Food
Of course – it’s all about the food, no matter what you do. And Buckhannon is proud to have local places….. with true, local flavors. Try a new restaurant next time you’re out.

Colder weather doesn’t mean you have to put a pause on weekend getaways…. Buckhannon is a great destination close to ski resorts, trails and scenic beauty.Book a hotel room or rent a cabin for your next visit.