Best Drive

There’s nothing more iconic and relaxing as a simple drive. And now, more than ever, we all need something simple & relaxing! And BONUS – it’s a socially distanced activity to do solo or with your family.

This drive has the best views in Upshur County, winding through the rural parts of our southern community. The rolling hills and fields along the way are beautiful in all seasons. So choose a podcast or family playlist, pack some snacks and hit the road! My family gets excited to choose their favorite junk-food snacks to eat along the way! Be sure your gas tank is full. This entire drive is about 1.5 – 2 hours long. Find a map of the drive, too!

From Buckhannon, start driving on Route 20 South. Along Route 20, you’ll pass places like Sam’s Pizza and Ron Hinkle Glass. Keep your eyes open for signs for the WV Wildlife Center. You’ll turn left onto Alexander Road and drive for 9 – 10 miles until the next turn. This part of the drive takes you through places like ‘horse-shoe turn’ (you’ll know it once you see it!), West Virginia hills and old farms.

After the Alexander Road, veer right onto Zion / Selbyville Road. You’ll transition onto a side county road. Watch the views to the right and left, as the elevation has been rising and you’ll see amazing sights of the mountains for miles. Once you reach Pleasant Dale Church & Cemetary, you’ll drop down the mountain to the tiny community of Selbyville; when you reach the bottom of the hill, cross the bridge and turn left. This area is the proud home of the Upshur County Youth Camp. If a private camp isn’t in session, you can drive into the Youth Camp to walk along the river. After you pass the Upshur County Youth Camp, the paved road ends and you’ll be on a gravel road, climbing the mountain. You might wonder if this part of the drive is the right way (it is) as you drive up the steep gravel road and go through several ‘kiss your @$$’ turns. Remember, it’s all part of the fun! Once at the top of the mountain, you’ll go through the Brooks Hill community with James W. Curry Park. This is a good spot for your kids to play on the playground or have a picnic lunch.

At the end of the gravel road, you’ll come to a stop sign, where you’ll turn left and be back onto Alexander Road. Take the road back past the WV Wildlife Center, then turn right onto Route 20 South towards Buckhannon.

Fall leaves are still hanging on to the trees, but we promise this drive has spectacular views year-round. Other than the sights, the time spent enjoying West Virginia’s Wild & Wonderful is well worth the drive.