Go on a West Virginia treasure hunt with your GPS.  The wildly popular activity of geocaching will take you on a journey to locations you never would have thought to visit.  With over 50 registered caches found in Upshur County, you’ll have a great excuse to get outside & explore both the countryside and the historic streets of Upshur County!

Hidden containers (called caches) are placed in locations, often historic landmarks or popular locations, and activated.  Once activiated, you can look up the GPS Coordinates on various websites to find the hidden cache.  The fun is in the search!  When you find the cache, you’ll usually find a paper ‘log’ where you can record when you found it, who was with you, etc….  Some caches are large enough to leave small trinkets.  The geocaching rule is you may take a trinket, but must leave something in its place for the next treasure-hunter!