Swift & White Water

You wouldn’t expect it, but in the right season, Upshur County’s rivers climb to Class III & Class IV rapids. Enthusiasts take advantage of high water seasons and navigate the spectacular runs of the Buckhannon and Middle Fork rivers. Click HERE for a clip of the Buckhannon River at its best.

Buckhannon River has five locations for white water enthusiasts.

  • Tenmile to Sago (5 Miles; Class III-IV)
  • Alexander to Tenmile (9.3 Miles; Class I-III)
  • Pickens to Alexander (13.7 Miles; Class I-III+)
  • Star to Alexander (8.9 Miles; Class II-III)
  • Helvetia to Newlonton (7 Miles; Class II-III)

Middle Fork River has two locations

  • Audra State Park to Tygart River Confluence (7 Miles; Class III-IV)
  • Confluence of Laurel Fork to Audra State Park (5 Miles; Class I-III)

Before going out on the River, please visit the link below for water levels and river information: http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/state-summary/state/WV/